Monday, March 24, 2008

Vintage Chick

Do you see yourself as a "Vintage Chick?"  You know, you long for the days of simple elegance, writing with quills instead of keyboards, dressing in fine gowns not jeans, and whiling away the hours with needle and thread instead of T.V.  I love everything vintage, and definitely see myself as a "Vintage Chick."  I drool over vintage photographs, lace, buttons, old letters, watches and trinkets.  I know many of you enjoy the same things, so I thought I'd celebrate this passion by creating a new necklace design.  I hope you enjoy taking a peek at it.  I've been uploading a few other designs on my website, which I'd love for you to visit when you get a chance. I wish all you vintage chicks out there a lovely, inspiring day.  
Take care,

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Bunny

Have you ever been in a fashion show?  Well I have and this photo is proof of it.  I was even on a runway! I was the bunny in an Easter fashion show.  A very small one to be sure, but I remember taking my job extremely seriously.  Pretty funny considering what I was wearing.  I accompanied every model and remember I had to ask each lady whether she wanted me to walk, skip or hop.  Only the most adventurous of models asked me to hop!  Anyway, I wanted to wish all you bunnies out there a very happy, joyful and blessed Easter. 
Take care,

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Meeting Rosemary

Over the weekend I was able to travel up North to Ventura and meet fellow blogger Rosemary. (That's Rosemary wearing one of her crowns, and I'm holding one of her gorgeous magical wands, which sold quickly afterwards).  A few months back I was reading her blog and noticed some of my charms in one of her photos.  It ends up she sells to the same shop in Ventura!  It was great meeting her, she's so cute and her creations are selling really well.  Check out Rosemary's blog for just a sampling of some of her work.  She makes crowns, cones, wands, gift boxes and even tags!  It was so fun to meet another lady with a passion for creating.  That's one reason I love blogs so much.  You are able to meet others from all over the country and world with similar interests.  So, I enjoyed meeting you Rosemary, and we'll have to get together again soon!  
Take care,

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Award Thank You

Yea, Trudy from Crows in the Attic Primitives gave me my first official blog award!  Thanks Trudy.  It's awarded for bringing happiness and inspiration through your blog, and I'm to pass it on.  So I'm going to send it on its way to-Rosemary of Roses Petite Maison.  She is a wonderful person and I even got to meet her over the weekend.  She makes beautiful glittery gift boxes and party hats just to name a couple of her creations.  Another blog I'll award is to Jamie of Simply Me Art.  She makes beautiful jewelry out of vintage findings.  Finally this award goes to Lori of Faerie Window.  She creates lovely collages and whimsies out of papers and mache.
Thanks to all the wonderful blogs I've discovered on my new journey through blogland.  I just started a blog in January of this year, and have already been so inspired and amazed at the talent and creativity of so many.

Take care,

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Kristin!

Here is a photo of my son Matthew and daughter Kristin.  Today is my daughter's 15th birthday.  I am so proud of her, and she delights me with her wisdom and maturity everyday.  I can't wait to watch what becomes of this amazing young woman.  I love you Kristin and Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Colored Eggs

Do you remember playing a game as a child called colored eggs?  I remember playing it on the 1st grade steps of Mesa Union School every day at lunch time.  If you have small children it's a really fun game for them to try.  Here's how I remember it being played.  You need a "wolf," a "mother/father egg," and the rest are "colored eggs." So you need about 5 people to play, but the more the merrier.  The wolf leaves the area so the mother/father egg can ask all the other eggs what color they want to be.  Once the mother/father egg finds out the colors of the eggs, they call the wolf.  When the wolf comes back, the mother/father egg is turned around, facing the eggs, his or her back to the wolf and the wolf knocks on her/his back (like a door) and the dialog begins. 
Wolf: Knock Knock!
Mother/Father Egg:  Who's there?
Wolf: The big bad wolf
Mother/Father Egg: What do you want?
Wolf: Colored eggs.
Mother/Father Wolf: What color?
Then the wolf starts picking colors.  When one of the "eggs" is picked, the egg gets a 3 second head start to run around a designated area (Like a tree, bush, etc.).  Even if the egg gets tagged, the game continues until all the "eggs" have been chosen.  The last egg to be tagged of the group becomes the wolf, the wolf of that round becomes the mother/father egg and the mother/father egg becomes one of the eggs.  
Just writing the description of this game brings back so many fond memories of childhood.  I also loved coloring eggs for Easter.  I thought the whole process was just magical.
As Easter quickly approaches (which is early this year, March 23rd) I am always reminded of the fun I had coloring eggs.  So for fun, I came up with my adult version of colored eggs.  I love vintage egg plates, and thought it would be fun to "color" those eggs too.  So here is what I came up with.  I also found this wonderful photo of a sweet little girl holding her beloved bunny.  These charms are new, and now available on my website.  Enjoy, and hope you have fun coloring your own eggs!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Time for the Show

Well it's a lovely day here in sunny California.  But alas, I can't really get outside and enjoy it.  I just noticed it is already March 2nd, and I must start pushing myself toward creating.  With upcoming deadlines I tend to dilly dally.  It doesn't make much sense but the more work I have the more you'll see me puttering around the house, visiting blogs ( I love seeing your beautiful blogs, but sheesh I need to place a time limit doing it), working on my website, walking the dogs, and reading magazines.  So I must force myself to stay on track and just work.   After Christmas, I kind of got used to spending some time off, and really enjoyed it.  But looking at the upcoming craft show crunch, I'm determined to get going.  So here I go.  I mean it really here I go.  Come on girl... OK on the count of 3, 1... 2.... 3...  GO! 
P.S.  Click here for directions to some of the craft shows I'll be attending.  I'll also post a schedule on my website.  And information for the 4th of July Ventura show.

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