Sunday, June 29, 2008

Petticoats & Fireworks

Pretty Polly finally found a petticoat!  She's been looking for quite a long time, and she's now much more presentable don't you think? 
Poor dear, for the amount of time she's been out in the public, she thought it was about time I bought her a fun crinoline petticoat and she seems very pleased with it.
I've been a busy little bee getting ready for upcoming street fairs.  The next one is July the 4th from 10-5 in Ventura on Main Street.  I'll be at booth number 453 near Subway Sandwiches on Main St.  It's kinda near the intersection of Oak St.  Please come by and say hi to me, because meeting you is the highlight of my day.  I'll also be starting a street fair in Palm Springs at the end of July.  It is on every Thursday night.  Details of this event will come when I have them for you.  Well, have a wonderful day!
Take care,

Friday, June 20, 2008

Tasha Tudor

"The sun shone in at the window and brought Becky wide awake.  She sat up in bed.  "This is my birthday," she said.  "I am ten years old!" (copyright Tasha Tudor)
So began my most cherished book as a child.  It is called "Becky's Birthday" and it was written and illustrated by the wonderful Tasha Tudor.  I just found out this beloved children's book illustrator and author has passed away, and it has brought back many memories to me from childhood.  Quickly I went to my bookshelf and pulled out her books.  Opening the pages and feeling their touch and smell brought back the happy feelings of reading as a child.  
Every year on my own birthday, I would begin the day by reading "Becky's Birthday."  The above illustration shows Becky going to town for her first big shopping trip all alone.  Tasha Tudor had a great sense of humor and once said, "I believe in moderation in all things, except gardening and antique collecting." 
Tasha Tudor always drew so many beautiful illustrations of farm life including the chickens and cows above.  She was a very inspiring lady.  Tasha needed to make a living after her divorce, and said, "If I had married a man who could have supported me I would have ended up making paper dolls and gardening.  But the wolf at the door is very good for people."  So she went on to become a very successful business lady.  Tasha also created a lifestyle similar to her favorite time period the 1830's where life could be slower and more peaceful.
Thank you Tasha for the wonderful books you gave to me and so many others.  You will be greatly missed.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Beautiful Jewelry

Hi, and thanks for dropping by!  Meet my new friend Jeni.  She is starting up a new blog and it would be wonderful if you'd swing over and say hi to her.  I met Jeni at a craft show we were both working and she makes the most beautiful jewelry.  She is also such an energetic, sweet soul!  One of the cutest goodies she creates are sterling silver charms made out of your loved one's fingerprint.  Her designs are so pretty you just have to go over to her blog at Eclectic J. Designs and see them for yourself.  :) 

I hope your summer is going well for you.  (I'm already hearing "I'm bored" at my house).  Have a wonderful day.
Take care,

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!  Here is my favorite photo of my dad when he was in the navy.  He has always been so supportive of me.  My dad shows great kindness, thoughtfulness, and above all humor!  This is one of the few photos in which he isn't wearing a woman's wig, goofy hat or Groucho Marx glasses.  (thank you,  thank you for the gift of laughter dad.  What would I do without it?)  And being such a gentleman at heart, he always opens the door for a lady, something I am desperately trying to teach my own sons.  He also still rides his bike at nearly 80 years of age, and blows away many young riders.  My dad is such a blessing to my life and I love him very much.

Happy Father's Day dad, I love you!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Halloween in June

Hello Dearie, it's so good of you to come for a come in. Welcome to our humble home. Please come in for it looks like a storm is coming, and you can warm yourself by the fire.

My it looks like the moon is out already. Just like Halloween in June.

Would you mind if I asked you for a little help? I found this old safe, and I do believe it's filled with some of my little treasures I made just for you. Now where did I put that skeleton key...
Ah, here it is! Do you mind being a sweet thing and opening it up for me?
Thank you ever so much. You do make me feel well taken care of. Now here are just a few of the little bobbles, and trinkets I've managed to put together for you.
Yes as you well know, Halloween is several months away, but with such an amazing moon and the magic that's been in the air well I just couldn't help myself.
Thanks so much for stopping by, you know how much I appreciate your visits. By the way take a very close look at me and my hubby's "normal" state in the photo above. Sometimes I think he's just lost his head. Oh and Happy Halloween!

p.s. if any of you lovely ladies are working on Halloween projects now, please send me a photo! I'd love to share what you creative souls have come up with in a future post. :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Red White & Blue

The 4th of July is just a month away, and I thought I'd celebrate by making some flag charms.  I love the look of vintage flags, but don't have any so I created some with a little help from Photoshop.  I grunged up the flag so it looks nice and old.
Above is the Betsy Ross flag.  The story goes George Washington was concerned that the 5 pointed star would be too hard for the seamstress to make.  So Betsy took out a piece of paper, and with one snip of the scissors created a perfect 5 point star.  
The Bennington Flag got its name from the American Revolution Battle of Bennington.  It has 13 stars and stripes symbolizing the 13 colonies, and the 76 recalls the year of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  A unique feature of this flag is that the stripes alternate from white to red instead of the traditional red to white.

I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July this year.  I'll be in Ventura at a street fair.  If you happen to be in the area stop on by and say hi.  
Take care,

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Crowns & Skulls

Happy June 1st to you!
Can you believe summer is here already?  I thought i'd (my kids spilled something in my keyboard so the capital "i" sticks sometimes) celebrate by  adding some goodies to my website.  i came up with some new initial charms.  i've always enjoyed skulls and crowns so i created a few backgrounds which include them.  i hope you enjoy!
take care,
(the capital "t" doesn't work either i see...)
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