Monday, March 30, 2009

Flowers & Birds

"In the spring at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt." Don't you love gardening?  I've been busy planting some flowers pots,  and adding statues to them.
I've had this angel for years, and placed her on a smaller pot to sit on and surrounded her with Irish moss and cascading flowers.
The tall purple ones in the back are wallflowers.

I just found these very light pink petunias.  What a pretty soft color.

I finally hung up a shelf in the family room.  The little vase is filled with the tiny pink flowers from the garden.  It's fun to cut flowers and poke them into tiny vases.  It takes very little time, and adds so much to your home.
Another pot with a sleeping puppy statue.
I like to mix flowers with spiky grasses to add texture to the pot.
Look who flew in to say hello?  My favorite bird of all time, a mourning dove.  They serenade the neighborhood every morning with their low "whoo who whoos."
Here's a great idea.  It's a strawberry pot filled with Irish moss, and small terra cotta birds nesting inside each little nook.  I bought it from a beautiful nursery in Calabasas called Sperling Nursery.  

A little birdie cozy in his green nest.
Here's a peek at my Flower Fairy garden.  I love this lacy light purple plant, but I forget it's name.  I think it has the name fairy in it though.  The plants are really growing fast, and I need to trim them back so the wee little folks don't get lost in them.
This ivy is very tiny, and seems to be growing well which surprises me, cause I usually kill it.   :)
Hope you enjoyed the little tour of what I've been planting.  How does your garden grow?
Take care,

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Disneyland in Bloom

Welcome!  Hope you're doing well.  I was lucky enough to spend a few days at Disneyland for my daughter's 16th birthday.  Man, where has the time gone?  Really, I feel like I was just bringing her home as a newborn baby from the hospital.  
Here are my babies posing by a Mickey topiary.  
I love the plantings at Disneyland.  Everything was dripping with pinks and whites, my favorite color combo.
Beautiful baskets cascading with pansies.
I don't know what this tree is called but it's gorgeous.  It was in the middle of the park.
Look at these blooms!  That's the Matterhorn in the background.  We rode it for the first time in years and had a blast.
Here are some of my gardening buddies.  I look like a dork in that hat, and it's worse than Goofy's, but it was pretty cold out.
Give me back the hose Goofy!  Oh, by the way, I've been busy getting ready for spring with new charms galore.  Please check back often and also my website for new goodies on their way.
Take care,

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