Monday, September 27, 2010

Recipe for Happiness

Hi! I found this recipe for happiness, and had to share it with you. I took an old recipe card and letter by letter created the text. It took all day yesterday, but I thought this was so cute I had to do it. My kids thought it was soooo corny but I don't care. ;)
It's made under beveled glass so that's why is looks a little distorted here. But when you look at it straight on, it's fine.
I finally figured out how to add silver glitter too. The trick was to use a certain kind of paper, that's the texture of water color paper, and it worked.
I started making Christmas goodies too, and I'll have them on my website soon.
Well, back to soldering! Summer decided to finally make an appearance here in So. Cal, and it's hot today! My dinky fan is just not cutting it, but back to work I go, trying to prepare for Glitterfest this Saturday.
Take care, Martha

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Roger's Gardens Halloween

Boo! I wanted to share with you a video from a recent trip I took to Roger's Gardens. They go all out for Halloween, and the theme was "Fun and Games." There were all kinds of dolls, even with rotating heads. If you remember last year I shared with you a grouping of spooky old dolls spray painted white, and this year they were painted black. There were loads of folks there making it pretty difficult to film, but hope you have fun watching what I was able to capture for you. :) Thanks for stopping by!
Take care, Martha

Old Window Display

Hi and thanks for popping in. I wanted to share with you an idea for displaying goodies. I bought 2 old windows, hinges, and even some rusty screws, at our local architectural salvage store. Hinged the windows together and added some screws to hang ornaments.
The next show I'm doing is Glitterfest, and I'll have one table so I need to take advantage of all the space I have. It's Oct. 2nd, and try to come because it's a really fun show, and there will be loads of talented artists there.
I got some great old attachments for the windows, and replaces the newer ones with these...

The glass is left in the windows and I think this will work out great. Hope you're having a great week, and guess what it's almost Friday, yea! Take care, Martha
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