Friday, June 18, 2010


Summertime! I love it, and finally the fog has lifted, and so have my spirits. Last night was an overnight for my son and his friends. Of course we had to watch the Lakers/Celtics game. Boy were we happy the Lakers won! It seemed like they were going to blow it again there, but somehow they came through. Sorry Celtics fans. I wanted to share with you some goodies I've been creating. The first is a cool little summertime sign. It's 2x6" so small enough to pop in an area of your house for some summer fun.
Here are some crowns glittered with silver, because I just can't seem to get enough of them. This graphic is from an old dictionary.
This is a panoramic photo at Balboa Beach from 1925. I've always loved this photo, but the real size is huge and I never knew where to put it. This one is nice and small, and I was happy with its outcome. Can you believe these swim suits were considered risque? Pretty funny considering what I see at the beach now days. Can we get these to come back in style? Considering where my figure is heading (and I mean south for the winter!) I would love to start a new fashion trend and bring these bathing suits back! I love corsets too, and found some in an old magazine. My mom saved some Ladies home journals from the 1800's, and corsets were all the rage. If you look at pictures showing how they crush your insides, be happy us girls don't have to deal with them anymore. They even had children wearing them. Sheesh.
Another great graphic from the Graphics Fairy. She has so many amazing graphics and all for free. And thanks for featuring me on your blog Karen! I really appreciate it. The Eiffel Tower can be purchased here.
I'll get these up for sale on my website as soon as I can. :)
I hope you're having a happy summer so far. I started taking an online course about finding your passion within a creative business. Already I'm learning so much, and learning to listen to my own creative voice. Check it out here if you're interested, it's called "Flying Lessons: tips and tricks to help your creative business soar," given by Kelly Rae Roberts. Thanks to Deb at Midlife Poet for sharing the info about it. I really appreciate it. Well back to work. Hope you have a fun and restful weekend!
Take care,

Monday, June 7, 2010

American Flag

Hope you're doing well! I wanted to thank everyone for all their amazing comments after the passing of my mother. You don't know how much that meant to me, and I gained much strength and healing from them. I'm continuing on a path of grief, and am finding great comfort being able to create. It's a way for me to escape some of the pain I'm in the middle of right now, as well as a great source of healing and comfort. So since the 4th of July is fast approaching, I thought I'd come up with a flag with a vintage feel.

With the help of Photoshop, I was able to take a regular flag and give it an older look to it. It's 4x6" and the front is beveled glass, and the edge is soldered.
The back is older looking wallpaper. If you're interested, the ornament can be found at MJ Ornaments. Also, the next event I'll be going to is the Ventura 4th of July Street Fair. Again, thanks for your kind comments, and take care,
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