Monday, January 28, 2008

Creating on a Wet Monday

It is pouring here in sunny California. Just an hour ago it was coming down in buckets.  The roads are very slippery, and there have even been some avalanches, so be careful out there and take it slowly.  I wanted to thank everyone who has come by and welcomed me into blog land.  A special thanks to Rosemary who introduced me so generously on her blog.  We didn't even know each other before, and found out that we sell to the same store.  Here is a photo of our goodies together in a case at Garden Memories.  Don't they look yummy?  She makes the beautiful boxes, and I make soldered charms and ornaments.  They really dazzle and sparkle under low light.

Barbara owns the delightful store located in Ventura, California.  You need to check out this wonderful whimsical place.  Barbara's taste is amazing, and you're sure to leave with a unique gift.
Well, I'm going to start creating.  I can't wait to start on a new project using resin.  Anyone ever use it in jewelry making?  I'll talk about it in the next post.  Take care!  ~Martha

Friday, January 25, 2008


"Who would be a mermaid fair, singing alone, combing her hair, under the sea in a golden curl with a comb of pearl, On a throne?
(The Mermaid, Alfred Lord Tennyson)

What kind of mermaid are you? Mermaids are depicted as cruel creatures who lure sailors to their watery deaths or happy little beings poking through the ocean looking for treasures to wear in their long hair. I see myself  as the happy nice kind, although I understand how the cruel ones get, especially after a long drive in traffic on the 405 freeway and being cut off by a rude "sailor." There is just something about a mermaid's grace, elegance, romance and mystery that draws me to them.  I like imagining them as passionate creatures with a strong desire for happiness not only for themselves but for others they meet.  Much of the goodies I make these days has been inspired by the sea and mermaids in particular. I love the ocean and recently moved where I am closer to it than ever before.  The smell of the salt air and sound of the waves is hypnotic and takes me away from any of life's problems.   Yesterday a storm was coming in and I got in the car with my daughter and we drove over the the beach.  The sky was grey and the wind was really strong and cold.  I took a couple of photos before I couldn't stand the cold anymore.  The water was a churning dark grey choppy mass.  Every time I look out at the ocean it seems to change colors from light grey to a deep rich blue and everything in between. I asked my son once why the ocean was grey, and he just said, "Mom with all the dirty dolphins out there, what did you expect?" 

~How to Woo a Mermaid~
Mermaids love attention.  Shower her with beautiful trinkets that sparkle and shine.  Let her know she is loved and don't just say the words, but show your love through actions.  She loves surprises, so make sure you have a running list of things she especially likes receiving like flowers, chocolates,  anything from Anthropologie, (hint hint-it's a link :), vintage goodies, and vanilla scented candles.  Mermaids love being surrounded by inspiring and beautiful things, and have a strong fondness for music.  The guitar is her favorite instrument, so if you have one, be sure to play it for her as often as possible.  If you follow this list you're sure to woo a mermaid.  Finally, mermaids need to know they are appreciated and desired...lest they swim away.  
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