Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Very Naughty Girl

Hi there!
Well I've been a very naughty girl. Usually I use scanned images from old books and documents to use them in my artwork. But today, I started cutting up the originals. Yikes I know, but in my defense most of these books are torn and pages are already falling out, but I do still feel guilty.
Here's the first one I cut out. It's from a book called "A Very Naughty Girl." It's quite an old book, and believe me the things they considered "naughty" back then are laughable today. I thought it was a funny title, and I used a beveled piece of glass to create a wall hanging.
I also used scalloped copper foil around the piece.
Here it is soldered. I used black patina to give it an old world feel. Kinda cute don't you think?
Here's the back. There isn't another piece of glass on it to keep it lighter, and it's fun to feel the old paper.
Here are some more I came up with today. The heart is made from an old credit document form 1906. So weird it's over 100 years old!
I made them in a heart, circle and oval shape. The circles are 3x3", and 4x4" in diameter. The heart is about 4" wide, and the oval is 4x6"
Here's the Paris ornament hanging on the wall.

I'll be bringing these to Palm Springs where there's a street fair I attend every Thursday night from 6-10. Let me know if you're interested in purchasing any of these, because I don't have them on my website yet. Hope you're having a great day, and thanks for swinging by my blog!
Take care,

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Feather Your Nest

Hi there,
I'm passing on information I just got about a fellow blogger who is in need of help. Her name is Gina Drennon, and her husband died suddenly of a heart attack and he was only 39. She has 2 boys, and is needing to sell her store Feather Your Nest (featured in Romantic Homes) and start over. Please go to her online store and make a purchase ( I bought a lovely candle) to help out.
Thanks so much! Take care,

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Teeny tiny treasures

Hi there and welcome! Here are some of the tiny bubbles I've been busy soldering. They are brand new, and are made out of clear glass domes. They are virtually free of bubbles, and if you've tried finding clear glass globs, you know how rare a find that is.

As you can see, they're pretty small and here's a penny for you to compare them with. The smallest is about 1/2 inch in diameter. I use the tiniest soldering tip I could find to make these teeny tiny treasures.
This is a large one, and is about the size of a nickel.
Here's the side view of one of the large bubbles.
I just started adding these to my website, so check back to see more designs as they are made.
This is another new oval shape with the Eiffel Tower on it, the other side is a rose.
It's pouring rain here in California, so I'm happy to be inside staying cozy and warm by the soldering iron. :) Let me know if you'd like a design made you didn't see here, cause I'm always open to new ideas!
Take care,

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year New Goodies

Hi, and Happy New Year! I've been gone from blogging for awhile, and I hope your holiday was a great one. Mine was swell, but it sure went fast. Here are a few photos showing sneak peaks of what I've been up to. I've got loads of new bubble charms, and beveled ornaments. I have the most fun when I'm creating new goodies, so I've been happy happy!
Above is a little mermaid with loads of different colored glitter.
Shhhhh, don't disturb the resting fairy queen...I think she had one too many Christmas cookies. :) Hope you are doing well, and if you're in California, I'll be at the Palm Springs Villagefest starting this Thursday, Jan.7th. It's a great street fair that is full of handmade items. Check it out if you've never been there. Wishing you much joy in the coming new year!
Take care,
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