Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween all you gouls and boys!  Hope you have a wonderful, safe night out on the town.  I'll be indoors tonight with a party for a few 15 year old dears so wish me luck!
Take care and have a lot of spooky good time tonight,

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

And the Winner is....(drum roll please)

Congratulations Melissa of the Fantastical World of Holidays!  After drawing your name out of my special Witches Hat, you are the winner of the Halloween Queen charm.  I hope you enjoy it.  ;)
Here is a shot of my house I took this morning.  In my last post I didn't make it clear that those photos weren't my house or balcony, so I thought I'd show you where I really live.  :)  As you can see my balcony isn't nearly as grand as the Haunted Mansion.  But I still love my home anyway.   ;)
Here's an idea for your Halloween decorating.  I bought a cheap foam skull at the party store the other day.  Luckily it fits perfectly under a glass cloche I just picked up at an antique store.  I think it looks kinda cool, and I tied on a heart I received from Madai.

Anywho, I'd better get back to work.  I hope you have a wonderful day, and thanks to everyone who participated in my little giveaway.  I'll be having more so stay tuned.
Take care,
XOXO Martha

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Halloween Party & Giveaway!

Welcome dear one, come in come in! Please dust off your broomstick and make yourself comfortable. (Above photo from "Practical Magic" set)
It looks like the orange moon will be perfect for our Halloween Party.
I decked myself out with a favorite pirate costume just for the occasion. This antique pirate's chest is filled with goodies and is lit up from below with white twinkle lights. It's always a favorite with Trick or Treaters.
Don't let the scary pumpkins get you!
Cover your eyes if it gets to be too frightening.
The balcony is bedecked with skulls and ribbons and ready for the party. (Above photos from Disneyland's Haunted Mansion). In celebration of our Halloween party I'd like to offer you a chance at winning a special Halloween soldered charm. The charm measures 1"x1/2" and says "Halloween Queen" of one side, has a crown on the other, and is embellished with black rhinestones on the front. Please leave a comment and let me know if you'd like to be entered in the "Halloween Queen" charm giveaway. You can view the charm on the right side of this post, and if you scroll down, under the post "Teenie Weenie Queenie Charms" I'll let you know who won in my next post. Oh, and don't forget to get your broomstick and fly on over to Vanessa's blog for amazing Halloween fun. There are over 400+ party participants sure to please your palate!
Take care, and have a wonderful spooky day!
XOXO Martha

p.s. I'll announce the winner on Wed. the 22nd

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

At The Pumpkin Patch

Happy October to you!  Don't you love going to the pumpkin patch?  I sure do, and enjoyed it this weekend.  The early morning sunlight made the pumpkins appear to glow, and the wet dew on them sparkled like tiny diamonds.
We had a little bit of rain here in California, and it made the air crisp and clean.
Fields full of pumpkins ripe and ready to go.
There was also a cute scarecrow contest.  
I found this great idea in Martha Stewart magazine.  Just cut out some holes, stick some fake mice in there, and presto!  You have a carved pumpkin.  How are you going to carve your pumpkin this year?

XO Martha
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