Friday, June 20, 2008

Tasha Tudor

"The sun shone in at the window and brought Becky wide awake.  She sat up in bed.  "This is my birthday," she said.  "I am ten years old!" (copyright Tasha Tudor)
So began my most cherished book as a child.  It is called "Becky's Birthday" and it was written and illustrated by the wonderful Tasha Tudor.  I just found out this beloved children's book illustrator and author has passed away, and it has brought back many memories to me from childhood.  Quickly I went to my bookshelf and pulled out her books.  Opening the pages and feeling their touch and smell brought back the happy feelings of reading as a child.  
Every year on my own birthday, I would begin the day by reading "Becky's Birthday."  The above illustration shows Becky going to town for her first big shopping trip all alone.  Tasha Tudor had a great sense of humor and once said, "I believe in moderation in all things, except gardening and antique collecting." 
Tasha Tudor always drew so many beautiful illustrations of farm life including the chickens and cows above.  She was a very inspiring lady.  Tasha needed to make a living after her divorce, and said, "If I had married a man who could have supported me I would have ended up making paper dolls and gardening.  But the wolf at the door is very good for people."  So she went on to become a very successful business lady.  Tasha also created a lifestyle similar to her favorite time period the 1830's where life could be slower and more peaceful.
Thank you Tasha for the wonderful books you gave to me and so many others.  You will be greatly missed.

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