Saturday, June 7, 2008

Halloween in June

Hello Dearie, it's so good of you to come for a come in. Welcome to our humble home. Please come in for it looks like a storm is coming, and you can warm yourself by the fire.

My it looks like the moon is out already. Just like Halloween in June.

Would you mind if I asked you for a little help? I found this old safe, and I do believe it's filled with some of my little treasures I made just for you. Now where did I put that skeleton key...
Ah, here it is! Do you mind being a sweet thing and opening it up for me?
Thank you ever so much. You do make me feel well taken care of. Now here are just a few of the little bobbles, and trinkets I've managed to put together for you.
Yes as you well know, Halloween is several months away, but with such an amazing moon and the magic that's been in the air well I just couldn't help myself.
Thanks so much for stopping by, you know how much I appreciate your visits. By the way take a very close look at me and my hubby's "normal" state in the photo above. Sometimes I think he's just lost his head. Oh and Happy Halloween!

p.s. if any of you lovely ladies are working on Halloween projects now, please send me a photo! I'd love to share what you creative souls have come up with in a future post. :)

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