Wednesday, April 16, 2008

If Momma Ain't Happy...

"If Momma Ain't Happy Ain't Nobody Happy."  Have you seen this quote before?  I love it because it is so very true.  In my own childhood home my mom always sort of set the tone for the happiness meter.  If she was in a bad mood, the whole family seemed to suffer.  I feel like I'm like her in many ways.  Even now, I'm feeling a little upset and I'm not exactly sure why.  Maybe it's the taxes that just nailed us, or the fact that my puppies are constantly chewing up our newly planted trees, or my never ending cold, but I just feel frustrated.  That's why this quote came to my mind today, and I found a lady in a photo that seems to scream this sentiment. Isn't she just perfect?  I'm going to make her into a necklace.  So whatever your feeling right now, remember as a mom many times you dictate the tone of your home.  For good or not so good.  Haven't we a lot of power girls?
Yours Truly,
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