Friday, April 11, 2008

Beautiful Boxes & Crowns

It's finally Friday!  And I received the most beautiful package in the mail today.  My dear friend Rosemary made me one of her beautiful box creations, and 2 crowns.  The crowns are for my dress forms, and the "girls" are ecstatic to have them on!  They are made of the richest German glitter glass and trimmed with silver and gold.  And they fit perfectly.  Thanks so very much Rosemary for making these for me, I really do appreciate it.  Now I'd like to find a vintage dress with a corset to put on my 2 girls.  It's like playing dress up with my Barbie dolls all over again! Do you have a dress form you've dressed up you'd like to show me?  I'd love to see it.  Oh, and have a wonderful weekend. 

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