Sunday, March 2, 2008

Time for the Show

Well it's a lovely day here in sunny California.  But alas, I can't really get outside and enjoy it.  I just noticed it is already March 2nd, and I must start pushing myself toward creating.  With upcoming deadlines I tend to dilly dally.  It doesn't make much sense but the more work I have the more you'll see me puttering around the house, visiting blogs ( I love seeing your beautiful blogs, but sheesh I need to place a time limit doing it), working on my website, walking the dogs, and reading magazines.  So I must force myself to stay on track and just work.   After Christmas, I kind of got used to spending some time off, and really enjoyed it.  But looking at the upcoming craft show crunch, I'm determined to get going.  So here I go.  I mean it really here I go.  Come on girl... OK on the count of 3, 1... 2.... 3...  GO! 
P.S.  Click here for directions to some of the craft shows I'll be attending.  I'll also post a schedule on my website.  And information for the 4th of July Ventura show.

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