Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Meeting Rosemary

Over the weekend I was able to travel up North to Ventura and meet fellow blogger Rosemary. (That's Rosemary wearing one of her crowns, and I'm holding one of her gorgeous magical wands, which sold quickly afterwards).  A few months back I was reading her blog and noticed some of my charms in one of her photos.  It ends up she sells to the same shop in Ventura!  It was great meeting her, she's so cute and her creations are selling really well.  Check out Rosemary's blog for just a sampling of some of her work.  She makes crowns, cones, wands, gift boxes and even tags!  It was so fun to meet another lady with a passion for creating.  That's one reason I love blogs so much.  You are able to meet others from all over the country and world with similar interests.  So, I enjoyed meeting you Rosemary, and we'll have to get together again soon!  
Take care,
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