Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Halloween Fun

Welcome! I thought it was appropriate to post a few Halloween treats since it's the 31st and Halloween is just a couple of months away. I'm getting ready for Glitterfest which is Oct. 2nd so I'm working on Halloween goodies along with Christmas of course too.
I like to use old anatomy illustrations combined with vintage ledger papers.

The Halloween Queen ornament has black rhinestones on it that really sparkle under low light.
I thought he looked nicer waving to you. ;)
And he is much friendlier with a top hat and glittery black band around it.
I went to a local nursery in San Diego over the weekend called Walter Andersen Nursery. It's so pretty, and has many unique flowers to choose from. I've never seen so many herbs in my life, and I chose a few like the one above called Wormwood, to dry for future Halloween ornaments. I also bought Transylvanian Sage, and Mugwort. I noticed that some came from an herb farm much closer to me called Pearson's Gardens. I need to go check them out.

Can you think of any other "Halloween" plants or herbs I should search for?
Here's a closer look at the wormwood. It's really a beautiful leaf, and I already dried and pressed a few of them. I'm addicted to finding, pressing and drying flowers right now. I even pulled off the road on a bike ride and picked some pretty flowers I had to try drying. Some work out, and some don't. I find the flowers with an open face work better, and ones with just leaves like herbs work out great.

I'm going to go to the grand opening of Roger's Garden's Halloween extravaganza on Thursday night. I'll be sure to bring my camera to share the fun with you!
Take care, Martha
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