Monday, August 16, 2010

Goodies to share with You

Hi and thanks for stopping in! Thanks to everyone who came out to my last craft show in Carlsbad, CA. I got to meet a blog buddy too! Many of you may know Karin over at Creative Chaos, but if you don't hop on over to her blog. She's the sweetest lady you'll ever meet, and I was very fortunate to do so!

I wanted to share with you a design I've been working on. It's the quote from C. S. Lewis "You don't have a soul, you are a soul. You have a body." Since the passing of my mom, it's words have renewed meaning to me. I wanted to create a piece that reflects this quote, so I came up with this beautiful vintage lady and used really muted colors that are faded.
I found a page from Rachel Ashwell's shabby chic book with the same colors and placed the ornament on it. It's embellished with a little bit of clear glitter too. You can check it out here at my website along with some other new designs I've been working on.
And here's the wonderful type face I used in the design. It's called "Handmade" by Eduardo Recife, and you can purchase it here. Oh I've got to share a couple more things with you too. Here's a beautiful tutorial on making dried flower bookmarks.

And finally, I've been watching Molly the barn owl on her own owl cam! She's a barn owl that has just had 4 babies, and I watch while creating. (WARNING: She is eating a rat right now, so you may want to skip watching especially in the morning! ) You can check Molly out here.
You take care, and again, thanks so much for visiting! ~Martha

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