Monday, September 26, 2011

Roger's Gardens Halloween 2011

 Had a great time visiting Roger's Gardens over the weekend.  Their flowers are always so beautiful, and pumpkins were scattered everywhere.
 I thought these statures were really pretty.
 Not sure the name of this plant, but the leaves are a lovely dark color.

 The Halloween store was open, and it's decorated like an old theatre.  Care to come in?
 Ceilings were decorated with old hangers, and rat traps were hanging from the rafters.

 Dressing tables decorated for the old time actors.
 This doll was really scary and so was her price.  A whopping $795.00!
 I thought this old radio was cool.
 Love the bright orange.
 More pumpkins and posies.

Hope you enjoyed the little tour of Roger's Gardens.  If you're ever in Corona Del Mar, CA go check it out.  It's one of the prettiest nurseries you'll ever see.
Take care,
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