Monday, September 19, 2011

Michaels Sucks

Michaels craft store sucks.  I normally try to avoid it like the plague, but was forced to enter it's gates on Saturday.  I needed glue so at first I searched online.  Its a specific type of epoxy glue that I use for my business and I use it all the time. The only place i could find it was on the Michaels craft store website.  Oh no.  Knowing how bad the service can be at Michaels I printed it out to show them what I needed, and to prove that it exists.  Surely they would know something about this glue if they have it on their own website? 

So I got to Michaels went through every glue, and couldn't find it.  Big surprise.  Armed with my printed information about the precious glue in hand, I reluctantly shuffled up to the check out counter.  I asked the customer care employee for help with finding the glue.  "Did you check isle 15?"  Yes I did I told her.  "Well I can't help you unless you have a  sku." Where do I find that I asked?  She needed the bar code from the package, which I didn't have anymore.

I asked if she could look it up on her website?  "I don't have access to that in the store."  So can you look up the product somewhere and find it at another store?"  No the company isn't set up to do that either."  I sort of laughed at this point and said so what can I do, I really need this glue?  She advised me to just start calling around to other Michaels to see if another store has it.  Ok, sounds like great fun for a Saturday I don't have anything else to do. ;)
 So I went home and started to make those calls.  "hello this is Michaels may I help you."  Oh yes you can, I need uhu creativ glass metal and jewelry glue.  I was put on hold.  Minutes later another voice on the phone "hello this is Michaels may I help you."  I explained my sorrowful tale once again.  OK now I'm on hold again while someone is hopefully going to look for it.  God speed my noble employee, I hope you find it, I think in my head.  Minutes tick by.  Time seems to have stopped moving.  "Sorry we don't carry it, you might check another store."
OK now I'm getting really frustrated.  Many more calls to different stores, and same result.  Only I hung up on the last one, because I couldn't stand being put on hold any longer.
So, as a last ditch effort I went online to search for it one more time.  And guess what?  I found it at some tiny craft supply store!  Oh joy and rapture!  I pray I really do get it, and it isn't back ordered or anything.  I'll be truly happy when it's in my happy little hands.
I wonder how many others have had to deal with this type of poor service at Michaels?  How can a huge chain be unable or unwilling to find it's own products?  So Michaels you really do suck.  I'm tired of feeling desperate and always being let down by you.  Anyone else have have bad experiences there?
Desperately seeking glue 
Aka Martha 
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