Monday, October 18, 2010

Betsey Johnson Inspiration

Welcome! I love Betsey Johnson, the famous N.Y. designer. Here she is at her 68th birthday party over the summer. She just exudes fun to me, and I love her quirky, uniqueness. She still does cartwheels at the end of her runway shows! In addition to clothing she makes cool jewelry and uses a lot of animal prints like leopard and zebra.
Inspired by Betsey, I decided to come up with a bauble of my own. One side is the leopard...
and the other a zebra. My daughter already ran off with this one, so I'll have to make some more.
You can find them on my website here. It looks nice as a choker,
or long. I think is would be pretty on a charm bracelet too. I'm working on a new design for a bracelet that stretches with beads, and attaches to a chain.
I hope you're having a happy start to your week. Do you have a favorite designer you get inspiration from?
Take care,
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