Friday, October 2, 2009


Happy Friday to you! Here are a few treats I picked up at Roger's Gardens, and online. The pink rose above is called "Our Lady of Guadalupe" It is very small and has a light fragrance.
The hat is by Bethany Lowe and I got the little skeleton and put a top hat on him. I found the black candles at Roger's Gardens too.

EEK a creepy hand, and glittery skeleton head!
I recently purchased a banner online from Alice at Painted White. It came wrapped in old pattern paper, and tied with twine.
The BOO banner is so cute, and I love the colors.
I think it looks pretty on my old window shelf. Thanks Alice! The green plant above is called giant baby tears. It's my most favorite house plant of all time, because it's very easy to grow. You should give it a try! Well, have a wonderful weekend!
Take care, Martha
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