Friday, February 20, 2009

Pretty Little Things

I love crosses, and have been searching for a design I like.  So peering into Sally Jean Alexander's wonderful book "Pretty Little Things"  I discovered a few I loved.  One is a more rounded gothic style which I really like so I forged ahead to create it.  Of course I picked the hardest one to make!  I discovered quickly the pattern needed to be very precise, and I couldn't just wing it.  So I created a pattern with the use of my beloved Photoshop, traced it out on glass and shaped the pieces with a glass grinder.  I bought the pretty shadowbox above from Lori at  Vintage Flair.
After much trial and error I came up with this cross.  I love that there are two sides to it, and according to what you wear it can be worn either way.
 I used small clear crystal rhinestones on the inside square, and like the way it glistens. 
Old postcards, photos and prints were used in the design.  The cross itself is about 1 3/4"x 2 1/4" 
This was a real labor of love and I hope you enjoyed taking a peek at it.  Have a wonderful weekend, and if you're in Southern CA enjoy the clear weather!
Take care,
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