Thursday, December 4, 2008

Am I Still Creating?

Ever feel as an artist you've lost the spark?  What I mean is, have you started to turn your passion into purely a business enterprise?  I'm starting to feel that way.  I don't know if it's just this time of year or what, but the busyness of the season has me pondering this issue.  

I've always loved creating.  If I weren't spending my days soldering charms, I'd be knitting, cutting, photographing or painting.  Feel like you were born to create?  I sure do!  I know many of you are amazing artists.  It seems every time I venture into blogland I come across another incredible creation.  How do you keep your passion for creating alive?  One of the fears I had in doing what the magazines say "Turning your Passion into Profit"  was losing the excitement, love and just plain fun of creating.

When I first really started my business about a year ago, it was like the Honeymoon period.  Everything was fresh and new.  After getting my first online sale I freaked out, ran around the house screaming with excitement.  Someone actually liked what I made and paid for it, Alleluia!  This gave me the confidence to venture into my favorite store in Ventura, Garden Memories.  I got up the nerve to ask the owner (Barbara is now someone I can call a sweet friend)  if she'd consider selling what I made.  I tell you , that was so scary for me!  Bearing your art like that is an exposing experience.  I compare it to showing up to high school without any clothes on, like that weird dream we all seem to have.  Anyway, I thought the worst that could happen would be a "No."  But actually said yes, and my joy just blossomed!  I skipped out of her store like Dorothy entering the world of Oz for the first time.  

As they say, I think the Honeymoon is over.  Now I feel I'm into the working years.  Not that those excitements don't still come from time to time, but they are just different now.  Well, as I turn on the soldering iron, I just had to spit all this out.  I know those of you who make 100's or even 1,000's of goodies everyday can relate to what I'm saying.  At the end of the day when your back is broken, your eyes are strained and your head is sort of numb, can you still find joy in what you do?  Honestly, I do still love my growing business, but when kids are complaining that all they ever see of their mom is the back of her head, I start to wonder if I need to make some kind of change.  I've never been that great at finding a balance, but maybe now is the time I find it.

Take care,

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