Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Count Your Blessings

Happy Thanksgiving!
Do you ever find it hard to be thankful?  I mean between watching the news about the economy, what the job rate is and home prices, it's enough to bring anyone down.  (On the radio the other night I heard about a study conducted that said money or even the mention of money makes a person meaner!)  And an ungrateful attitude causes a person to dwell on what they don't have instead of what they do have, and places fear inside the soul.  Some of the most miserable people I know happen to be the most ungrateful and fearful.  Instead of cultivating this spirit of ungratefulness and fear, I want to start something new this Thanksgiving season.  What about counting your blessings, and naming them one by one?

This year around the Thanksgiving table have each person name 3 things they are thankful for.  And you can do this yourself before you go to bed at night too.  You'd be amazed how this simple act can help you develop a grateful spirit.  And no matter what your circumstances may be this Holiday Season, being grateful can make you a happier person.  :)

Gratefulness is a state of mind that should be practiced daily instead of yearly.  Make everyday Thanksgiving.
3 things I'm thankful for are- my family, my eyesight, the use of my hands.
What are 3 things you're thankful for?
Happy Thanksgiving,

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