Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Goodies I Bought & So Can You!

Hi and thanks for stopping by!  Looky what I have found lately.  Amazing goodies from some talented ladies.  Above is my living room mantel, and I've been decorating it with Halloween boxes, masks and witches hats from Roses Petite Maison.  Rosemary makes the prettiest glittery creations.   
I also just purchased this beautiful Halloween sign from Madai of Forget Me Nots from Wren Cottage.  She makes incredible glittery signs, including this Halloween sign.   Madai also has an Etsy shop to check out.Madai's glittery black Halloween sign is especially pretty under low light.  
Here is a closer view of Rosemary's mask.  
..and some of her boxes too.
My Halloween decorating is starting early, but it's so fun to enjoy it out a bit longer.
Here is a gorgeous dream sign I also purchased from Madai.
I wear these earrings almost every day!  Jeni from Eclectic J. Designs created them.  They are so unique and very light weight.  You can check out her website here.  Thank you to these talented ladies for their gorgeous creations.  I really appreciate them!
Take care,
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