Friday, August 29, 2008

Tiny Weenie Queenie Crowns

Long live the Queen!  Hope you are having a wonderful Friday.  I thought I'd throw up a few photos of what I've been up to lately.  Don't you love crowns?  I sure do, so many of the charms contain a crown image.  The Marie Antoinette charm is as small as I could get it at 3/8"x 5/8".  That's pretty small to solder.  :)  The Halloween Queen is embellished with black Swarovski Rhinestones.  I love the way they glimmer in low light.
The crown above has a tiny Swarovski Crystal glued directly to the glass.  I just love the crown image, and I got it from The Graphics Fairy.  She has some wonderful images on her website to check out.
Here are the backs of the charms.  I dusted the middle crown with a little pixie dust, oh I mean glitter.
Some other tinies.  The little girl is 1/2x1/2 inches.
Here are the backs.  I think of myself as a vintage chick.
After making some black and white Halloween charms, I went ahead and experimented with black and white flowers.  Here are just the images on paper, and the charm wrapped in foil before it's soldered.  I like the way the images are so soft and feminine.  

I sure do hope you have a wonderful weekend, and don't forget all us gals are really Queens right? 
 Take care,
XO Martha

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