Monday, December 3, 2012

Button Advent Calendar

When I was little,  I was fascinated with my mom's collection of buttons.  She had them in an old coffee tin, and I'd spend so much time just looking at them, and playing with them.  All the different colors and textures were so beautiful.  I remember running my fingers through the buttons and they felt just like smooth wet stones.  I lost my mom 2 years ago, and I miss her everyday. I thought and thought about what I could do with this wonderful memory of buttons, that is so directly linked to her.

So I took things I had around the house.  My mom would have loved that, using what you already had.  She was a child of the Depression, and was very frugal.  A canvas drop cloth, old torn up quilt, an old hanger, and of course a bunch of vintage buttons.  An Advent Calendar was born!  The pockets each hold a button, that has an attached hook ready to hang.

 I found this old railroad nail with the number 25 on it.  Perfect for Christmas, now it's ready to hang.

Here it is with all the buttons on.  I still find them beautiful.

Three days of sewing later, it's done, hung up with an old hanger. I think my mom would have liked it.  
Take care,


  1. absolutely beautiful Martha !!
    Your Mom would've loved this !
    I'm glad you created something so special in your Mom's memory. Love the nail. where'd you find that?

  2. Thanks Kelly, I got those cool nails on Etsy. They have the dates on the nail head. Xoxo Martha

  3. This is truly special Martha! I love that you used things you had around already and brought them together with some of your mom's buttons.

    Your mom would love be so happy with this!

    I used to love playing with my mom's button box too. When I would go to either one of my grandmother's they always knew I would ask to see their boxes too.

    sending hugs...

  4. This Advent Calendar is absolutely stunning!
    Wishing you and yours a fabulous holiday season and a prosperous New Year!

    Gaby xo


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