Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Poor Polly

Hi there, and thanks for popping in!  I'm still working on Halloween goodies, and came up with another unfortunate episode for an ornament.  Here you see poor Polly, who was done in by a creepy spider.  Are you afraid of spiders?  I know if I saw one as big as this one, I'd be scared, but I'm really more afraid of rats and snakes.
The spider has a touch of black glitter on it, and the web has some clear glitter here and there.  I like that it's pretty, just a little creepy and sort of funny.  I like Halloween decor that's still nice, and no gore.  I guess I'm a wimp that way.  You can find Polly here at my website.
Well, hope you're having a great summer.  My next show is Aug 14th, in Carlsbad.  Hope you can make it!
Take care,

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