Friday, June 24, 2011

Mad Tea Party!

Welcome to the mad tea party, do come in!  My party is being held in the fairy garden, so we'll have to shrink down to their size in order to see them.  Say out loud, "Faith, trust and Pixie dust" and that should do the trick...
It worked!  Now we're small enough to enter their world.
The tree looks quite eerie, we better keep together, no telling who may show up.  I hope we get lucky and see some fairies.  They should be getting ready for the tea party.
Quickly, I think I heard some leaves moving over here.  Let's go find out if they're here!
Walk carefully my friend.
Do you see something behind that tree?

Oh it's my lovely fairy friend, Lona Goblinglitter!  Lona has invited us to the fairy tea party!
"Please come in and join me for some magical fairy tea.  It's made out of special herbs from my garden, I hope you enjoy it!"

Ah, just what we needed some refreshing tea!  "Now lets go find my other fairy friends"  says Lona.
Careful, the thorns look very sharp, and even the leaves when you're tiny like us.
Looks like we could go fishing here.

Lona leads us through the fairy forest of flowers.
Another sweet bowl of water filled with flowers.
Another sweet fairy friend says hello to us! So many fairies are starting to appear, to join our little party.
Even a kind little bunny wants to join in the fun.

Lona's sister,  Kristin Columbine is hiding behind a gate.  She and her pet bunny are a bit shy.

Now it's time for more tea...
and delicious chocolate cake!  I'm getting stuffed, how about you?  It's time to say good bye for now, and go back to our original sizes.  OK, repeat after me one more time, "Faith, trust, and Pixie dust!"

It worked!  We're back to our normal sizes.  Boy, that was fun, thanks for coming to the party.   I also hope this post inspires you to go out and plant a fairy garden of your very own.  Thanks to Vanessa over at Fanciful Twist for hosting the wonderful Mad tea Party!
Take care,
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