Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mini Skirt Lamp

Hi! Well you know those short short mini skirts your daughter wears that you wouldn't be caught dead in? I was in my closet the other day trying to step over some clothes, and I found this Hollister mini skirt. I examined it, and noticed all the great ruffles and lace, and thought it could be put to better use than just bunched up in a bag ready for Goodwill.
So I went to Target, and bought this cute lamp by Rachel Ashwell, her Simply Shabby line, and the cheapest lamp shade I could find there.
And presto chango, here's my new lamp! How easy and cute, and it's washable. Oh and the candle is amazing and it's from Natural Body and Bath. They last a long time, smell wonderful, and have great names for the candles like "Don't Need a Boyfriend"...I get them at craft shows but you can pick them up here.
I know how much time it takes to sew on ruffles, and this was too easy to pass up, something already done for you. And the draw sting makes it adjustable. How about you, do you have any mini shirts you could use for a lamp? I'd love to see what you come up with!
Here's a quick peak at the goodies I'm working on even some Halloween ones...busy getting ready for my next show on Aug. 8th in Carlsbad. Come out to say hi if you're in CA! Take care, Martha
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