Monday, June 22, 2009

Mad Tea Party Charming Giveaway

Welcome so glad you could stop in! Here's a cup of tea to warm you. Sit down, sit down please. Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist is having a Mad Tea Party, so make sure you pop over and check out her delightful display of delights!
I thought I'd share a little information I found fascinating...

"The Mad Hatter's Tea Party." Though he did not create the expression "mad as a hatter," author Lewis Carroll did create the eccentric character of the hatter in his book, Alice in Wonderland (illustrations by Sir John Tenniel), first released in London in 1865, coincidentally, the year Lincoln was assassinated.

The hatter in the book is an eccentric fellow with wacky ideas and incoherent speech, characteristics attributed to many hatters of the day, suffering from mercury poisoning. Mercury was used in hatmaking and its poisonous vapors caused debilitating neurological damage to the hatters, resulting in a complete mental breakdown."


This reminds me to always wear a mask so I don't inhale smoke when soldering. Yikes, I'm wacky enough as it is. Anyway, to celebrate the occasion I'll be giving away one of my tiny soldered crystal initial charms. You pick the initial! To enter, go ahead and follow this blog by clicking the "follow" on the right. I'll be announcing a winner July 1st.
Thanks for stopping by, and hope you win! Now off to see all the other beautiful blogs at the Mad Tea Party!
Take care,

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