Thursday, July 31, 2008

Show Me Your Form

Welcome, and thanks for dropping by.  Today is show me your form day being hosted by Tiffany from Shabby Scraps, and I chose to include 2 of my most trusted forms Betty and Pretty Polly.  The first is Betty from Barcelona, and as you see she is rather torn, but I love that about her.
Here is a close up of her information including her model number.  
Another view of Betty's upper half.

A view of my forms used as a display for my soldered charms at a Street Faire.

Here is my other form I got at an incredible antique shop in San Diego called Vignettes.  
She's tall like me!
Here she is in my office.
I think the imperfections on Betty make her even more beautiful.  
I hope you enjoyed a look at my dress forms.  Take care, and I will let you know in my next post what I've been up to.  Have a wonderful weekend!
Take care,
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