Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Magical Mermaid Sand

Last evening while walking on the moonlit beach I came across a group of mermaids resting on rocks and combing their hair.  Slowly I approached them.  The mermaid nearest to me with hair as black as night beckoned me to come closer.  When I did she dipped her webbed hand into the sand.
Gathering it into a small glass bottle she handed it to me.  Thank you I nodded and she gently touched my head.  She dove back into the sea with the rest of her mermaid companions.
Looking down at the bottle I noticed a beautiful label with her face on it.  Inside was the most sparkly, glittered sand I had ever beheld.  Of course it had magical properties in it.  "Magical Mermaid Sand" was written on the tag.  
Affixed to the tag it reads:  "This magical mermaid sand was collected when mermaids gather closest to the shore once a year, in the light of the full moon.  Make a wish and sprinkle delicately to create your own magic.
Thank you mermaid friends especially Rosemary.  I'll use the magical potion sparingly until I see you again when the moon is full.
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